Happy 10th Birthday, Deus Ex

JC Denton, you're ten years old but you're still the best.

10 years ago, the greatest game was born. That game is called Deus Ex.

It’s a shooter/RPG hybrid where you can overcome obstacles in multiple ways. There’s a locked door barring the way to your objective? No problem, because you can pick its lock, hack the security console to open it for you, persuade/kill the guards to hand you the keys or just blow it up with an explosive charge.

But gameplay aside, it was the story and the theme that made me love this game. It’s just amazing how the writers took every conspiracy theory, every secret society and fit them into this game. The cyberpunk setting isn’t half-bad either, it’s a nightmarish world where corporations control governments and terrorists running amok. The game’s even kind of prophetic because the World Trade Center is already missing on the New York’s Skyline, and this game was released a year before 9/11.

I could go on praising this game. But you really need not to take my word for it, you have to must play this game in order for you to know how great it is. So if you haven’t played it yet, head on to Steam and buy it.


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