Pimp Your Hotbars

If you’re a non-gamer then you might be asking what are hotbars. Well, hotbars are bars of tiny boxes where you put a game action or ability for quick access. Hotbars are, more often than not, located at the bottom of the game screen. In most games, it’s not really necessary to set up your hotbars. But when you play a lot of competitive player vs. player games, where speed is a factor for winning, a good hotbar set up can make all the difference.

I never really bothered setting up my hotbars before. I just usually run with the game’s default setting. You know, the 12 hotbars that are bound to keys 1 to =. But when I started playing Warhammer Online, the default setting got me ganked all the time because I was too slow executing my abilities. That’s when I started looking for ways to quickly access my abilities. At first, however, I started checking out some keypads and gaming boards like the Nostromo Pad or the Z-Board. But since I’m cheap I just re-mapped all the keys in my hotbars. It may not be as good as a keypad but, hey, it works and it will save you money.

My hotbar for Warhammer Online

I usually have 3 stacks of hotbars, which I like to call the letter (middle), the number (top) and the SHIFT/CTRL (bottom) bars

The Letter Bar
The middle bar is where I put my attack abilities. Since most MMOs use the WASD keys to move an avatar in-game, it is best that you bind all the abilities that you frequently use (attack abilities) on letters that are near WASD keys. That way, you can easily move around your enemy and beat the crap out of him without hurting your finger from overextending. My main attacks are always bound to keys E, R, F and V.

The Number Bar
The top bar, or the default bar, is where I usually put my buffs, debuffs, potions and other non-damaging abilities that I often use. I just leave the default bind to the number keys since it’s still a quick reach.

The bottom bar where I keep my abilities that I use occasionally such as changing stance, summoning a mount or fleeing (yeah, I fairly run from my opponents). I bind my abilities to SHIFT or CTRL + number key in this set mainly because I’m just running out of keys.

Well there’s my hotbar setup. I hope this will help you fend of the gankers. If you have a better setup than mine, please do share it with us in the comments section.


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