I Heart White Lions

White Lion Rocks!

No, before you jump into conclusions, I’m not talking about the band. I hate that band. Although, I have to admit, I bought their greatest hits when I was in high school, during the time when I didn’t know which good music is which. But, anyways, before I drag this topic even further into the dark, deep pits of hair metal, I am talking about the White Lion class in Warhammer Online.

Yes, the White Lion, the most gimped class in Warhammer Online, as most would say. Do I agree with them? I didn’t at first. I was forewarned not to play it. But I didn’t heed their cries. I still played the class for aesthetic reasons. Because White Lions look so damn cool with their long hair, huge axes and arrogant chin up stare. They remind me of Norwegian black metal guitarists and of Val Hallen from Justice Friends. Then, when I finally got into Tier 4, I was repeatedly victimized by Sorcerer/Sorceress Bomb Squads and Choppa Trains. I paid dearly for my vanity, for my eagerness to play a cool-looking class. Incapable of defeating someone, I re-rolled a Knight of the Blazing Sun and quit WAR a month after that.

When I got back into WAR, however, after my five month absence in the game, I felt compelled to log on to my White Lion. After all, he is my highest level character (47 Renown Ranks when I re-subbed). To my surprise, I found out that I could actually kill opponents this time. Sure, I still die against Sorcs (Dammaz Kron listed 9 Sorcs that have killed me more than 10 times). But, hey, I can kill them too. In fact, I’ve solo killed a 35 Choppa and a 33 Sorcerer on a scenario. Sure, the Sorc appeared when the Choppa’s health was 50% and I popped a 1300 healing pot. But a win is a win, right?

So, up to now, I’m not really sure what Mythic did to White Lions -because I don’t read patch notes. Did they finally fixed the darn class? Or I’m just playing smartly this time? Like I said, I’m still not sure. But I’m loving my White Lion now, more than before.

An Amateur’s Guide to White Lions.
I’m in no way the most viable person to give strategies and tactics regarding White Lions. But what little I’ve learned about the class, I will impart in this small corner. Here goes.

Path: Axeman/Hunter
Abilities: Pounce, Primal Fury, Thin The Herd, Lion’s Fury, Sundering Chop, Cull The Weak
Slotted Tactics:
Brute Force, Lionheart, Flanking, Loner (used in Scenarios, City Sieges and Dungeons)
Brute Force, Lionheart, Pack Synergy, Tearing Blade or Speed Training (used in open Realm vs. Realm)

Shave their hairy backs! White Lions are effective when attacking from behind.


  1. White Lions, with their Pounce ability, can get to any opponent in the battlefield. Use this to assist the main assist or get quickly to enemy healers.
  2. Thin The Herd is a nice ability against healers. Use it to kill healers first, when you can.
  3. Bring pots. Some people might look down on you when you use potions. But not using them is as bad as not using your abilities.
  4. You have the Charge! ability. So you’re good at chasing people and running away from them as well.
  5. Most White Lion abilities are positional. So try to hit your enemies from their sides or backs.
  6. Try not to engage an enemy by yourself. Especially a tank class.
  7. When you’re by yourself and you see an enemy -specifically a Melee DPS- charging towards you, send your Lion first and then run. Only attack them when your lion have shaved enough hit points.
  8. Remember to stance dance.  Trained to Kill to bolster your defense and Trained to Threaten for the extra critical hits.

Well that’s what I know about playing a White Lion. Like I said earlier, it’s not much. But I hope this helps. If you want to share your White Lion strategy, please do so in the comments section.


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