Princess of Alamut

Gemma Arterton as the Princess of Alamut.

So my sister is finally done with college. In order to celebrate her achievement we, as family, went out for a movie and dinner. Since I’m too cheap to pay for dinner, and before they could make me responsible for the dinner bill, I offered to pay for the movies instead. While I really wanted to see Robin Hood, the rest of them agreed to watch Prince of Persia. At first, I thought of going to Robin Hood alone. But my odds of wiggling away from the clan were pretty thin. So I conceded and went with them.

As many of you may already know, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is based on a game with the same title. I was a pretty big fan of the game. In fact, it’s one of the few action games that I really love. Fan or no, however, I always avoid games-to-film like a plague because they always turn out to be so crappy (Super Mario, Hitman. Anyone?). Prince of Persia, especially. Being an action game that focuses more on dodging traps and climbing broken walls rather than the story, it had a huge potential of becoming a bad movie.

Fortunately, since the game is all about dexterity, Prince of Persia managed to dodge the cracks that makes a games-to-film go bad. Instead of turning the whole game into a movie, Bruckheimer and crew only took the core elements from the game: the acrobatic prince and the dagger that turns back time. That’s it. From there, they just re-tooled the story. A story which some of its parts was probably based on the Bush Administration’s War in Iraq -you know, invading a sovereignty due to forged reports of hidden weapons.

But what I like most about Prince of Persia is its main cast. I’m not talking about the quality of their acting, however, but their superficial qualities. Jake Gyllenhaal did great as the prince. He really looked the part and even got himself a well-formed abs that I’m sure the ladies will really love. For the male audiences, there’s Gemma Arterton who played as the Princess of Alamut. I’d watch the film again for the sake of seeing her, even with her fake tan. Their British accents bothered me a lot though -as much as it bothered me when Anthony Quinn played as the grandson of Andres Bonifacio in Back to Bataan. It’s Prince of Persia, not Prince of Wales.

Overall, however, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was an enjoyable adventure movie. It’s not as fun as the first Pirates of the Caribbean but it has the same vibe. It’s also the only games-to-film that didn’t suck in my book. With that said, now I think it’s time for [insert awesome director here] to take a look at The Longest Journey or Planescape: Torment for possible games-to-film in the future. And here’s to hoping that Mass Effect and World of Warcraft will become epic movies.

Score: C


5 Responses to Princess of Alamut

  1. the scud says:

    i haven’t watched this yet. maybe this weekend if i manage to drag my butt to the malls. :D

  2. gillboard says:

    i don’t know. this summer’s roster of films are pretty much meh for me. except for Toy Story 3.

    • Skron says:

      Summer films are always like that though. It’s mostly focused on the blockbuster, money maker just because kids can watch it. I’m looking forward to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World though. Just because I liked the comics. And Jonah Hex as well because of Megan Fox.

  3. music says:

    Nice post! I think POP is an entertaining movie, but definitely not as good as Pirates of the Carribean.

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