Cheap Games #03: Memorial Day Sales

Dawn of War: Chaos Rising

It’s Memorial Day and you have a long weekend ahead of you. But nobody has invited you to a barbecue party or you just don’t want to mingle with people under the sun. So how would you spend your 3 days of freedom? Well, if you’re a gamer, that’s easy enough because online game distributors are having some good sales right now. So head on to Steam, Impulse, Good Old Games and Direct 2 Drive to check them out.

But if you’re lazy enough to browse, however, then here are my top 3 picks.

1. Sins of a Solar Empire$4 at Impulse
Sins of a Solar Empire blends the features of real-time strategy and 4x strategy. I know it sounds a a little bit crazy. But, trust me, if you love any kind of computer strategy games, you’re going to love SOASE. This game is going to challenge your skills with its fast paced atmosphere and extreme micro-management. Plus, it’s only $4. There’s no reason for you not to get it.

2. Dawn of War II: Gold Edition$20 at Steam
Dawn of War II is one of the best real-time strategy games I’ve ever played. In addition, this package also includes the Chaos Rising expansion which will allow you to play the kick-ass Chaos Marines. The price for the box costs $20, which is a $20 savings.

But if you already own the Dawn of War II game and not the expansion, like me, you can get Chaos Rising for only $15. That’s $15 savings right there.

3. Demigod$10 at Impulse
Demigod is an action RPG/RTS hybrid, much like Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Honestly, I haven’t played this game at all. So I can’t give you the exact details about its gameplay. I’m buying it though. It’s cheap.

Well that’s my top 3 game picks for the Memorial Day sales. But if you don’t like them, just visit the online stores I’ve mentioned above. Because there are lots of games on sale this weekend, and you might like some of them. Happy gaming.


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