Facing Facebook (and Leaving It)

A lot of my friends, co-workers and former classmates thinks I’m lame because I don’t have a Facebook account. What they didn’t know is that I opened a Facebook account, five years ago, before its net worth was on Billions, and when everyone was still on MySpace or Friendster. Yes, I had a Facebook account way before Mark Zuckerberg kicked us in our nards and decided that he owns our digital identity for life.

I didn’t fill my account, however. I didn’t write down my favorites, my current status or uploaded any photos. I simply opened it and left it when I couldn’t find anyone. Then, before I knew it, Facebook has already monopolized social networking. I wanted to find friends and get in touch with them again. But, it hit me, the idea of remaining incognito in Facebook seems so punk rock to me. So I avoided it. But that didn’t last long.

Unfortunately, I have to send a very important message to a friend back home. I have no way of contacting him besides Facebook. So, after 5 years, I finally opened my Facebook account. I was surprised to be greeted by 124 friends, all awaiting for my confirmation. Some of them I know, they’re close friends after all. But most of them, I didn’t have any idea of who they were at all. But I confirmed them anyways, lest I offend them or they might mistook me as an elitist.

But now that my message has been sent, and was well received on the other end, I’m thinking of joining the great Facebook exodus on May 31st. Why? Because it’s punk rock.


4 Responses to Facing Facebook (and Leaving It)

  1. daredevilry says:

    a friend of mine convinced me that instead of deleting my facebook account (which I am so inclined to do now after the changes in the privacy setting and the new privacy policy) i should just delete all the information i have put in my profile and make it as generic as possible. that way, i can still keep up with my friends. :)

    • Skron says:

      If I delete my Facebook, my friends will still be my friends. Especially now that I know their Skype account and other contact info.

  2. Lexie says:

    I’m quitting Facebook on the 31st. I liked the Facebook of 2006 where I didn’t have to bother with obtrusive applications, malware, and you really had to know the person before you could add them as your friend. And anyway, half the people in my friends list are acquaintances I don’t even talk to anyway. My real friends know how they can reach me beyond Facebook.

  3. Facebook is where privacy is not a private word.

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