WAR Blooms

"Death blooms on the tip of my axe" -Skaarn

The votes to my ‘MMO Conundrum’ post reached an impasse last Saturday night, with Dungeons & Dragons Online, World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online tying up at 33.3%. So, in the end, I still have to choose an MMORPG for myself. But I was glad that the poll finished the way it did. Because, ever since I saw the new city sieges that will be implemented in the next patch of Warhammer Online, I’ve been itching dying to get back into WAR. So, Saturday night, I hastily voted for Warhammer Online on my poll and reactivated my account. My return to game was a glorious one.

The first thing I noticed upon my return to WAR is its improved graphics. When I left this game 5 months ago, I only ran it on 1280 x 800 resolution with zero effects. Any graphical settings higher than that results in an extreme lag or a crash. Now I’m running the game in 1680 x 1050 resolution, with all the effects turned on (Bloom!) and set on high, without experiencing any problems at all. I even ran into a huge skirmish -with probably more than 100 players participating- and still maintained a playable FPS.

But the best thing about coming back to this game is being able to play with my guild, Gaiscioch. I’ve been running with this guys since April of last year and they’re a fun bunch. They also host this RvR community event called ‘Battle for Badlands‘. It’s similar to the Trinity Raids we did back in Phoenix Throne server. Except this time we also invite players from the Destruction side, like we’re picking a fight. Foghladha, our guild leader, is also keeping score this time, besides kicking ass and taking names. Currently, Battle for Badlands is on its early parts of season 2 (and Order is ahead by 165 points as of this writing).

It’s only been two days since I got back into WAR. But so far, so good. The coming patch shows promise (so did the other patches in the past), and I’m really excited to partake in the city sieges. But if it falls out of my expectations, or if it ultimately fails, then Gaiscioch and Battle for Badlands will definitely keep me glued to this game.


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