Shield and Hammer

Repulsor Blast!

Ever since I got a Netflix subscription, and submitted myself to frugalism, I have successfully saved $8 per week by avoiding movie theaters. There are exceptions, of course. Because some movies are just too big to fit even your 50″ LED, LCD or Plasma TV. One of these movies, for me, is Iron Man 2. I’ve been wanting to see this film ever since I saw the trailer last year. So I made the proper preparations (like requesting a time-off from work) just to see it today, expecting the film to blow me away. I expected too much.

If I can describe the film succinctly, it was too much but not enough. There were too many characters that the relationship between Iron Man and Whiplash were dwarfed. Their fathers have history but that was it. No lengthy diatribe from Vanko to Stark was ever delivered. There were too many plots and sub-plots going on that the whole film felt disjointed. Stark dealing with his tech problems, there’s the armor race and then there’s the road to the Avengers. The story barely kept my attention at all. In fact, I found myself looking for Avengers references in the background (Captain America’s shield, Hulk’s rampage on TV, locations of Avengers candidates on Fury’s monitor, Thor’s hammer ) instead of paying attention to the movie itself.

Iron Man 2 is an epic fail, a big disappointment. It’s a far cry from the first film. So if you loved the first Iron Man, don’t expect to much from its sequel. The only consolation you’ll get from watching it is the humor, Scarlett Johanson filling up that tight body suit of hers, and maybe the cameo of Bill O’ Reilly calling Pepper Potts a pinhead. I only suggest you watch this if you’re a big fan of Iron Man or the Avengers. Now that’s done though, let’s move on to The Mighty Thor. Don’t fail us, Kenneth Branagh.

Score: C


One Response to Shield and Hammer

  1. gillboard says:

    May not be as fun as the original film, but it’s still a nice romp. Did get bored a little though… ANd yeah, Black Widow kicks ass. But not as good as Hit Girl. hehehe

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