Cheap Games #01: D2D Spring Sale

So it’s the final week for Direct2Drive’s Spring Sale (click here to shop). I’ve been watching this sale for the past couple of weeks and, overall, I’m not really impressed. They just can’t drop their prices that low compared to Steam’s Holiday Sale. Nonetheless, there are a couple of noteworthy PC games that D2D threw into the bargain bin.

So if you really want to buy games and save money, here are my picks:

Mass Effect Bundle – This costs only $35 and that’s cheap enough, even just for Mass Effect 2. So if you haven’t played any Mass Effect games yet, then this bundle is for you.

Civilization IV: The Complete Edition –  All 4 Civilization IV games in one box just for $5. Tell me if that’s not a deal.

Trine and Defense GridTrine is an action platformer with stunning graphics, and Defense Grid is a high-end tower defense game. Both are perfect -and cheap ($5 each)- to quench your casual gaming fix.

Well, that’s that. My cheap game picks. If you’re buying, then happy gaming. I do hope that I have saved you some money.


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