New Steam

A couple months ago, I started complaining about Steam becoming too slow and clunky. Starting it up almost takes a minute and, sometimes, even freezes my PC for a couple of seconds. The web browser on its in-game overlay also loads up to a crawl and crashes a lot. So I stopped using it for a while and installed a non-Steam game.

But with my growing anticipation to get back into Warhammer Online lead me back to Steam in order to download and install the game (although I could have just downloaded the WAR client from Mythic’s website). That’s when I found out that Valve actually have a new Steam client, and it’s awesome!

Steam's new in-game overlay web browser.

Everything I complained about the client has been fixed. Start up is quick and browsing the client is slick. The in-game overlay web browser is now better and faster. The new UI is also well organized. I especially love the new library because you can add custom categories to your games. It’s not limited to what’s installed, what’s not installed and which games are your favorites anymore. So finding your games is much better with it. The grid view looks great as well since it displays your games in big banners, not in small icons.

Steam's grid view of the games library.

I’m really glad that Valve fixed a lot of the problems in Steam. Most of my complaints are gone now. Except for a teeny tiny bit about the client still not working in Warhammer Online. I can’t use the in-game overlay web browser with it, which would’ve been handy to log all my RvR experience during Trinity Raids with Gaiscioch. It also doesn’t keep track of my time spent with the game. I complained about this about a year ago and Valve told me that they are aware of it and are addressing the problem. I do hope they fix this. But other than that, however, the new Steam is awesome.

If you’re interested in adding me as a friend on Steam, please do so. My Steam ID is Skron80.


2 Responses to New Steam

  1. Lexie says:

    My eyes bugged out when I saw your Steam Library. Is Mass Effect 2 any good? I’ve only been able to play the first one.

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