Free Comic Book Day 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010. Art by Sergio Aragones

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)! So millions of comic book fans all over the world lined up outside their favorite comic book store to get their free swag, from bookmarks to comics.

I, of course, being a cheapskate, was one of those foolish enough to brave the crowd just to get free comics. But my store, being in the suburbs, was less crazier than the bigger shops in the city. The downside, however, is that we didn’t have any comic book celebrity to sign our free books. Well, at least we didn’t have some bad cosplayers lining up with us. My store was also nice enough to put a 40% discount on almost everything they sell. So I seized the opportunity and loaded myself with back issues and collected trades. 

As for the free comics, they only carried 3 titles (because they actually have to buy them for a really cheap price): War of the Supermen #0, Irredeemable #1/Incorruptible #1 and Iron Man/Thor. All of which I enjoyed reading.

Here’s my quick review of each book:

War of the Supermen #0 – A clever marketing strategy, this book is. Not only did DC give us a free comic book but also a 22-page ad of War of the Supermen mini-series that’ll be coming out this Wednesday.  I never followed any Superman titles but I believe this is a follow-up to the World of New Krypton and Last Stand of New Krypton story arcs. In this arc, all of the surviving Kryptonian declares war on Earth. Just imagine thousands of aliens with Superman-like powers invading Earth. I’m really tempted to add this on my pull list because I’m really curious to see how it plays out.

Irredeemable #1/Incorruptible #1 – Boom Studio’s offering is a massive 48-page flip book that features two of their popular titles, Irredeemable and Incorruptible. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Irredeemable. But I didn’t know what the book was about until today. Its story revolves around a god-like superhero, known as The Plutonian, that went rogue and started killing the superhero community.  Incorruptible, on the other hand, is about the most wanted man going straight to stop The Plutonian’s rampage. I enjoyed both books a lot and, like War of the Supermen, I’m also tempted to add this to my list.

Iron Man/Thor – Iron Man/Thor was written specifically for FCBD. So the content is a bit insubstantial if compared to the comics I posted above. But I like the team-up, both heroes’ conversations were fun. The story, which pitted Iron Man and Thor against a company that uses a weather machine to terraform the moon, was also decently written -especially the theory of how terraforming the moon will affect the Earth’s weather.

Overall, FCBD 2010 was fun for me. I got me some free comics, and as well as saved some money by buying cheap back issues and collected trades. I do hope that FCBD 2011 is going to be even better.


2 Responses to Free Comic Book Day 2010

  1. gillboard says:

    the only free comic i got was the fragglerock / mouseguard title…

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