MMO Conundrum

A couple years ago, the first time I heard about MMOs, I thought that the idea of paying a fee to play an online game you already own was frivolous. So I decided to forgo MMOs and stick with single-player games instead. Single-player games, however, have little to no replay value. So I found myself buying at least one game each month in order to satiate my gaming appetite, and ended up spending more money than I would’ve with two MMO subscriptions.

I didn’t realize until later, when I played Warhammer Online, that MMOs aren’t that expensive and can actually save me money. During my first six months in WAR, I noticed my savings went up a little bit. This, of course, was due to WAR occupying most of my time. I didn’t go to the movies anymore, night outs were few, the number of books and comics I read diminished, and I bought no games inside those six months. This, too, was also the same with my time spent playing Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft. No other hobbies and activities entertained me, just MMOs.

So, in order to save some money in these coming months, I have decided to invest in one MMO and stick with it. Although choosing a game is proving to be quite difficult. But I narrowed my choices down to five titles, and also added a poll (at the end of this post) so you guys can help me out.

My choices:

Dungeon & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited – This is actually a free to play game, so I won’t even spend a dime to play it. Although some of the nicer stuff, like the Monk class and the Drow race, are only available if you’re a VIP (subscribed player) or if you bought them with real world money. But I think I have some points to spend in here for participating during the beta testing. I might as well use those.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – The only MMO I have played in almost a year. I have a couple of high level characters in this game. So I won’t have to grind again just to reach the top tiers.  Also, I’m a part of an awesome guild here called Gaiscioch (pronounced as Gosh-kia), and I really miss playing in Realm Vs. Realm with these guys.

Lord of the Rings Online – This was my first MMO, and I really loved it because of its extensive lore. But what I love most about this game is its cheap bundled subscription ($120/year).

World of Warcraft – All I remember about playing this game was running from point A to point B. But I played this game during my pre-PvP days. That’s why I want to revisit this game and explore its PvP features. Maybe I’ll fight in the Arena too and win some real cash.

Guild Wars – I own this game but I haven’t played it. I only bought because it was real cheap on Steam. So now is probably the best time to play it. Oh, and it’s free to play too.

So there it is, my 5 MMO picks. I’ll probably start a trial account for all of these games just to get a feel for each one of them. For now, I leave the decision in your hands.


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